The Anambra and Delta State Governments have resolved to simultaneously police the Niger Bridge to enforce the presidential directive on the restriction of interstate movement.

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This resolution was adopted in a meeting on Monday where the two states resolved a misunderstanding between them over a barrier reportedly installed by the Anambra State at the boundary between the two states, which offended Delta State.

A source said, “Government of Delta State had to demolish the iron gate built by the  Anambra State government at the Niger Bridge boundary between the two states.

“The Anambra State government had erected an iron gate on the Niger Bridge to prevent people from trooping in and out of the state in enforcement of the interstate closure of boundaries because of COVID-19.

“For four hours on Sunday, people were denied access in and out of Anambra State because of the barricade.

“The entire bridge and the pedestrian way were barricaded.

“This annoyed Delta State which mobilised and came to the bridge and dismantled the gate and barricade erected by Anambra State at the boundary,” the source stated.

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It was in a meeting to resolve this impasse, our correspondent gathered, that the two states decided to jointly police the bridge.

The Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr C-Don Adinuba, who confirmed the meeting of the two states, insisted that there was no time the bridge was barricaded.

He said,” If we barricade the bridge, where are we going to get supply of fuel and other products like fruits which predominantly come into Onitsha through Asaba, the Delta State capital. There was nothing like that.”