Poised to ameliorate the harsh economic conditions of Nigerians, Amber Energy Drink, a premium energy drink on the stable of Amber Energy Drinks Limited, has begun an empowerment programme aimed at improving the standards of living of a teeming number of the citizens.

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Specifically, Amber Energy drink is seeking to ensure that Nigerians make money in their own country through trade finance loan so as to be financially independent to cope with life while enhancing their standards of living.

Recall that most Nigerians have been impoverished due to the Covid-19 pandemic that caused several months of economic lock-downs and the resultant harsh economic and poor living conditions for most of the citizens.

However, Amber Energy Drink which prides itself as a business fully owned by Nigerians and for Nigerians all over the world has assured it will change the narratives for better by improving the lives of Nigerians and teeming consumers by granting them financial autonomy through trade empowerment scheme.

Consequently, the company has commenced a training programme for 400 Nigerians who would be inducted into small and medium scale enterprises to be supported to grow under a well-arranged and structured semi-informal system.

Flagging off the Empowerment scheme at a well-attended event held in Lagos yesterday, General Manager of Amber Energy Drink Limited, Ms. Lola Adedeji said the “empowerment programme (AEP) was borne out of our core values and beliefs. We believe in helping people become more self-dependent by making more money and creating a livelihood for themselves”.

According to her “we believe Nigerians will and should drive the economy, we want them to have multiple streams of income so that they can be financially independent”, she disclosed adding that the scheme is such that would be mutually rewarding and profitable to all stakeholders.

With this, a participant gets a product loan to the value of N100,000 to trade and repay the principal while interest would only be paid within a period of four months. Interest rate, according to the General Manager is 5% flat rate.

The empowerment programme would also afford beneficiaries the opportunity to own Amber Energy Canopy for stocking and selling the products. The Canopy will also be repaid within twelve to eighteen months.

Adedeji said the company would open an account with them and each will be credited with N100,000 only. This will, in turn, be auto-debited with 20 crates of Amber Energy Drinks that would be traded for repayment by the beneficiaries.

In other words, beneficiaries who have become automatic vendors and trade partners can get as many crates of the Amber Energy products on a monthly basis and make as much as N500,000 as profit depending on their sales efficiency.

The Empowerment tagged “Choose Your Hustle” is in the form of a trade loan finance and lease of Recharge Spot.

In her own presentation at the occasion, Amber Energy Drinks Head of Sales, Mrs Temitope Adetiba said the company has put in place all arrangements to make the empowerment scheme a huge success.

She specifically revealed that beneficiaries would be greatly assisted through aggressive promotion campaigns for the product by using all relevant marketing and advertising channels.

According to her, “our strategy to make the empowerment scheme work is constant brand awareness and engagement through Radio, TVC, Social Media, Activations and below-the-line efforts”, adding that the company’s sales representatives will also regularly visit the beneficiaries to monitor their activities and challenges real time.

Mrs. Adetiba said beneficiaries are in for a good time as Amber Energy Drink is a high-quality product that is presently in great demands by Nigerians.

The new product has been formulated with the best energy-giving ingredients and unrivalled quality consideration in line with global best standards of products formulation for discerning Nigerian energy drinks consumers. Amber is a non-discriminatory unisex energy drink, the first of its kind.

The product, fortified with Vitamins and amino acids nourishes the body and provides a mental and physical boost of energy with natural guarana plant. It is affordable and available in all different parts of Lagos metropolis at the moment.

Meanwhile, the training programme for over 400 beneficiaries will run every Tuesday through the month of September with three sessions for at least one hundred participants per day. No fewer than 4000 applications were received out of which 400 beneficiaries were short-listed for the kick-off.