Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited has revealed that it is yet to receive approval from the Rivers State Government to fly a helicopter to locations within the state.
NAOC said in a statement that it had implemented far-reaching measures to ensure the safety of personnel and facilities in its operating and field locations.
It said prior to the lockdown declared by the Federal Government in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun State, measures had been taken to protect its personnel and facilities from the spread of COVID-19 following World Health Organisation guidelines and international best practices.
The firm said, “Crew change, which is necessary to allow personnel take rest and be with their loved ones, was carefully planned to observe all the measures prescribed by all the relevant agencies of government.
“Consequently, NAOC also implemented the new crew change of 28 days as advised by the Department of Petroleum Resources and ensured that its personnel observe the thoroughly documented measures including the mandatory 14 days prior to resumption in the operating locations in line with the DPR guide.”
According to the statement, rigorous medical screening is performed before any personnel is allowed to resume in the locations at exit and entry points.
It said, “Our crew change to Brass is usually by chopper and/or boats after fulfilling all health and safety requirements. Our personnel are our most important assets, and we will never embark on any activity if all health and safety standards have not been met.
“As at today, our request for approval to fly chopper to remote locations within Rivers State has not been clearly granted.”
It added that as a law-abiding company, it would continue to wait until it secured the necessary permits.

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