MONEY “Money is like a bird that is caged. It must be kept caged and fed to continue to enhance it plumage. Get careless with the cage door and it will fly away and may never be caught again”. -By Chief Michael Ade Ojo. Excerpt from the book-Michael Ade Ojo: In His Own Words, 2008.   HARD WORK AND PERSISTENCE PAYS “I recall the story of a young man, who because he could not afford to pay for a product he was to market, offered to serve as a freelance marketer on a low commission. This he did for some years to pull resources together to start his dream business. Some years later, this young man, through dint of hard work, became rich and subsequently bought over all the shares of the company in that line of business. That young man, by the grace of God, is this speaker today.” -Chief Michael Ade Ojo, while delivering a paper-Entrepreneurship and the Growth of Businesses for National Development at the 25th anniversary/award programme of the Akure Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, 2005.    ]]>

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