By Goodness Nkechi Sunday

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In the wake of the recent documentary shedding light on the dilapidated roads in the Abule Oja community in Yaba Local Government Development Area of Lagos State, which has been dilapidated for over 12 years, the legislator representing the area took swift action, allegedly initiating partial repairs on the dilapidated road in Mosuru Street with asphalt.

However, this move has sparked controversy within the community.

The community spokesman, in the person of Alhaji Kolawole Osho, expressed dissatisfaction with the partly repaired dilapidated road in Mosuru Street.

He said, “I am speaking on behalf of the community. We want interlocking pavement with proper drainage systems instead of asphalt.

“If the government cannot give us good modern roads, let them leave the roads rather than using asphalt that will get damaged in a few weeks. They are patching the roads. We do not want asphalt. The community want interlocking pavement because it is durable.”

Meanwhile, Mr Oladipupo Adeosun explained that the road repair in Mosuru Street by Honourable Moshood Oshun is temporary depending on when the Lagos state government road repairs project in Abule Oja community will commence.

In response to the community’s concerns, the Lagos State House of Assembly legislator, Constituency 2, Engineer Rasheed Shabi, has scheduled a meeting with the Yaba Local Council Development Area Chairman and key community leaders on Monday, January 29th 2024.

The meeting aims to discuss the yet-to-begin road repairs in order to identify streets for rehabilitation in Abule Oja and address the conflicting preferences regarding the type of road construction the community desires.

It is worth noting that the Yaba Local Council Development Area Chairman, Honorable Kayode Omiyale, had previously assured the Abule Oja community in an interview on December 12 2023, that road construction would commence in January 2024.

This commitment raises expectations among the residents, who eagerly await the implementation of comprehensive and sustainable solutions to the longstanding road infrastructure challenges.

As the community leaders, the Lagos State House of Assembly and the Yaba local council engage in discussions, the residents remain hopeful that the proposed road rehabilitation plans align with their vision for a safer and more durable transportation network within Abule Oja.