Hon. Commissioner Chief Onyemuche Nnamani has called for the diversion of money approved for some other projects including the N92.12 billion for the second Abuja Airport runway to the police to enable it tackle insecurity.

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Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the May 1 worker day celebration, Chief Nnamani said the Nigeria Police needs direct emergency funding so as to be properly trained, equipped and motivated.

He called for a Presidential approval for further recruitment of additional 20,000 young men and women every year to avail the Force of more manpower to contain the present security crisis in the country.

Chief Nnamani lamented that the Police strength has seriously been depleted and not enough to Police a vast nation such as Nigeria, especially in the wake of various contending banditry and terror attacks in the country.

He said, “If it is a fact that we have no more money to spend for the Police, then the Federal government should temporarily suspend some of the gigantic projects it has continued to approve funds for every Wednesday at its Federal Executive Council meetings and rechannel such funds to empowering the Police for effective and efficient policing.

He mentioned some of the projects recently approved at the FEC meetings which can wait so as to release funds for the Police to fight insecurity.

“Some of these projects are the N92.12 billion for the second Abuja Airport runway; N35 billion for aviation projects in eight states and N75.78 billion contracts in the Federal Capital Territory and Transport Ministry etc.

He maintained that there must be the security of lives and property in the country before any meaningful development programme can succeed.

“You have to secure the public space before any meaningful investment can thrive”, he noted.

He lamented that it was ironic that funds were being committed to such projects when Nigerians can not travel from Abuja to nearby Kaduna by road and when it is obvious that even our airports and rail lines are no longer safe.

Chief Nnamani regretted that the Police Trust Fund set up by the Federal government to improve the basic infrastructures of the Police did not deliver.

Consequently, he advised that the “Government should fund the police directly and monitor how this funding is used.”