In a bid to reinvigorate its operations, the management of ABC Transport plc has launched additional brand new Asiastar Generation nine coaches on its domestic routes. The first batch of coaches were acquired earlier in the year and were deployed on the Coach West Africa, ABC Transport’s international route, which covers; Lagos (Nigeria), Cotonou (Benin Republic), Lome (Togo) and Accra (Ghana).
This latest batch of coaches are now available to passengers travelling on the Jibowu (Lagos) – Onitsha/Owerri route. The injection of these state -of -the- art coaches would certainly provide passengers with an enhanced travelling experience.
Spurred by the recent initiatives and efforts by the government to rehabilitate the dilapidated road infrastructure nationwide as the dry season fast approaches, the acquisition of these new coaches reaffirms ABC Transport’s unflinching commitment to improve on its entire service delivery to its customers irrespective of the route. It is widely perceived that with better road conditions, coaches for long distance travel will return to our highways.
The Generation 9 coaches from Asiastar Wertstar long distance passenger coach range model bring together security, comfort and smooth movement, beauty and sophistication. ABC customers are bound to enjoy travelling on board this world class bus. The Generation 9 coaches are fully air-conditioned and features state of the art safety equipments, lush and luxury interiors, with more leg room, reduction in noise levels and ultimate comfort due to its unique and advanced suspension systems. The coaches are equipped with 3 position LCD TV monitors for comfortable viewing and CCTV cameras for surveillance and security. USB chargers are available on all seats for improved convenience and entertainment. It also boasts of an improved on-board toilet system.
According to the manufacturers, the concept of The Asiastar Generation 9 coach is mostly focused on the comfort, safety and security of passengers and is guaranteed to give them the most comfortable ride experience, while giving the driver great comfort and confidence to ensure safe driving. Consequently, ABC Transport customers should be rest assured that there will be more adherence to scheduled departures, prompt and seamless trans-loading of passengers and cargo where necessary and early arrivals at terminals. Moreover, the management of ABC Transport is expected to take delivery of an additional set of Generation 9 coaches before the end of the year as part of its preparations for ensured optimal service delivery during the ember months and the Yuletide festive period.
For over 25 years, ABC Transport has been providing services in passenger operations, cargo, to over 100 destinations daily from 31 locations including Accra, Ghana. It is quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and also offers hospitality services through its City Transit Inn, a 114 room budget hotel in Utako, Abuja.

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