234 Parts Limited, has introduced an online platform for the automobile sector, to connect spare parts buyers and sellers, dealers, auto workshops and car owners.

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According to Mr Godson Madu, Managing Director 234 Parts Limited “the website – 234parts.com boasts of over 370,000 car parts listings with 28,000 unique products from over 6,000 spare parts dealers across major spare part markets in Ladipo, Tin Can, Ojuelegba in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano and Port Harcourt.  234parts.com inventory ranges from auto parts, lubricants, batteries, tools, wheels and tyres ”

Mr Godson Madu disclosed further that “234parts.com site is very easy to navigate and has been designed to make the process of buying quality replacement of parts easy and convenient by providing multiple spare parts options and price comparison to owners, while also enhancing the product visibility of the spare part dealers” he stated.

Corroborating him, Mrs Eniola Alli- Ayodele, Chief Marketing Officer added that  ” 234parts.com is the leading online platform for the automobile spare parts sector has for almost two years, served as a connecting point for spare parts dealers, auto workshops and car owners.

“From our research, with the influx of foreign used cars in Nigeria, usually over five years old at the time of their arrival, there is now a significant increase in maintenance visits from 4 times to 12 times annually. It has been recorded that each of those visits involve a parts replacement purchase. Consequently, the presence of substandard new spare parts increases as the manufacturers of these foreign used cars discontinue production of some of the cars’ parts. The need for genuine auto spare parts gave birth to  234Parts.com site” she said.

According to Mrs Eniola Alli- Ayodele, “the current focus of 234parts.com  platform is to hold the largest inventory of both used and new automotive spare parts in Nigeria, and increase access to the platform by using its rich data and insights to organize the fragmented spare parts industry.”

In addition, “the business will in the coming months penetrate other major cities in the nation and onboard additional spare parts dealers after a rigorous verification process. This new development promises to create an opportunity for OEMs and genuine spare parts vendors to compete while also increasing the chances of car owners getting guaranteed parts.” she noted.